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Chiropractic Pregnancy

Updated: Feb 21, 2018

Chiropractic Pregnancy

Working with pregnant women has become one of my favorite things. The goals for my patients' extends much further than chiropractic care or chiropractic adjustments, but to help encourage, educate and empower women about pregnancy and birth. With an average U.S. cesarean rate of 32.7% in 2013 and rising, putting it well above the “medically necessary” target of 10-15% that the World Health Organization (WHO) says is ideal, women need all the education and encouragement available to them.

So, what has changed? Have our bodies changed?

The answer is HARDLY, but the cascade of intervention certainly has increased. So how does your maternity chiropractor fit in this model? Balance and alignment to the pelvis leads to a safer and easier delivery for mom and baby. Chiropractic can improve baby’s position/presentation, decrease dystocia (difficult birth), decrease labor time, open up the pelvis and empower and educate mama about her body which can decrease the need for the cascade of intervention. Regular chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy are not just for pregnancy related low back pain (although in a study 84% of pregnant women had improvement in low back pain), a maternity chiropractor can help guide you, help find resources and join your tribe. Specifically, in my office I want my patients to know that pregnancy is not pathology and birth (most of the time) is not a medical emergency. All mamas need unbiased support and encouragement so that they may truly give informed consent and play a role in the birth story.

“If a woman doesn’t look like a GODDESS in labor then someone isn’t treating her right.”

~ Ina May Gaskin

-Dr. Heather Carmona, DC

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