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Chasing Pain

Have you ever found yourself saying “I have never needed a chiropractor because I don’t have neck or low back pain.” Or “I don’t need an adjustment because my “back” doesn’t hurt.” I can’t tell you how many times I have heard these phrases when I am somewhere with my family or friends and people find out what I do for a living or one of my patients brings guest to their appointment. To be honest, I have been guilty in the past for waiting to get adjusted for when I was in pain. The truth about chiropractic care is it is so much more than treatment for neck or low back pain. Sure it can address symptoms such and neck and low back pain, but those pains/symptoms are result of a “check engine light” for something going on in the body. I often tell my patients chiropractic should be utilized as a resource or partnership in the management of your health. So the question you should ask yourself… Is functioning more important or just being pain free? We know that “symptoms” i.e. pain, loss of sleep, poor digestion, concentration issues, headaches are all results of something greater going on in the body.

Chiropractic focuses on finding the culprit of these “symptoms” and restoring function within the nervous system. Wouldn’t you be more interested in getting the body to function better so it doesn’t create “pain”. Through my years of practice I have learned that the more important question is not where is your pain and what is your pain level, it is what are you being kept from in your life because of a “symptom”. So for improved vitality, restored mobility and overall good health I urge you to add chiropractic to your tool belt in the partnership of your health.

Heather Carmona, D.C.

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